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[Don fights off the droids just long enough to get an idea of what's going on, then goes with them more or less peacefully.]

[Once in the park, he stakes out the arrivals area, making sure all his friends come through the transporters safely - and learning that a few have departed Luceti in recent weeks.]

[Later, he'll establish a position in the highest place he can reach, and given that he's a ninja, that's pretty high. From this vantage point he surveys the park, studying its geography and figuring out each area's peculiarities. He has his journal with him, and anyone can hail that weird turtle guy perching on the tall flagpole above the park's biggest roller coaster.]

[Eventually, he'll fold the journal backwards and tuck it, still open, into the front of his belt. Somehow in the course of doing so he accidentally turns on the video function, so anyone still watching will get a gut-dropping view of how a ninja travels around a giant amusement park. How's that for a thrill ride?]

[Throughout the rest of the week, Don can most often be found observing the "mini-experiments" in Bubble Land, indulging his aquatic side at the water park in Thrill Land, or consuming outrageous amounts of food at the park's various eateries.]
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[Don has been living in the tunnels since the beginning of the last experiment, and for that time he's been almost entirely absent from the journals as well. Today, he finally re-establishes contact with the outside world.]

Has anyone ever considered building another village elsewhere in the enclosure? [...] Don't we have an organization that's always looking for that kind of volunteer work? The "Blue Viscera"?

[The transmission ends there, but later in the day there's another one:]

If anyone is willing, I would be very honored to have a new sensei. I'm fourth-dan in bojutsu but I haven't been formally trained in two years.

[After dark, he seals up his lair and goes home. When he reaches House 55, he doesn't announce himself, but goes silently to the winter room and re-closes the door behind him.]
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[It's been an extremely frustrating month. First he was kidnapped and experimented on by the Malnosso, while everyone else in the village - as Don learned later - got to fly, with their own wings. As the long-vanished Raphael would say, "Turtle Luck runnin' true to form".]

[When the droids returned him, he was invisible for a week, and spent most of that time watching his partner have a serious substance abuse problem, while the Turtle himself was powerless to do anything about that or the underlying issues causing Robert's addiction to resurface.]

[When Don became visible again, Robert tried to explain himself, but the Turtle had seen too much of drugs in his own world to want to hear any more about it. As a result, for the past few weeks relations have been strained at best in the Hamato-Hastings household.]

[Today Don heads out to the beach, seeking to clear his head and reconnect with his Filial magic. The Malnosso's experiments had had strange effects on his control of the elements, and he thinks he'd better spend some time re-establishing his bond with the spirits, the true source of these abilities.]

[In the afternoon, he happens to check his journal and finds a long, privately-filtered written message from Robert: another attempt to explain his behavior. Part of Don doesn't want to read it, but another part knows he owes that much to his partner of over two years.]

[That doesn't make it easy, though, and Don can only stand to read the manifesto in small pieces over the next several hours.]

[When he's done, he stays at the beach, watching sunset, watching the stars come out. When night and solitude have made him invisible again, he opens his journal.]

Have you ever learned something... that made you change your perspective... on something you thought you would never change your mind about?


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