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The Wisdom and Adventures of a Mutant Ninja Turtle

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Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
This is the Luceti RP journal for Donatello of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (the 2003 cartoon).

Short Info

Character: Hamato Donatello | [personal profile] i_speak_softly
Wing Color: Purple
Timeline: 2k3 cartoon, season 3, between "Hun on the Run" and the Ultimate Draco arc.
Mun: Amicitia | AIM: Amicitia6

Character Bio

Name: Hamato Donatello
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Gender: Male
Age: 16 in canon, now 18 in Luceti
Time Period: 2k3 cartoon, season 3, between "Hun on the Run" and the Ultimate Draco arc.
Wing Color: Purple

Official Website Profile:

You know how it goes. Boy meets truck. Truck almost hits boy, boy drops bowl of pet turtles into the sewer. Miraculously, no one gets hurt.

But that wasn't the only miracle that happened on that fateful day. A canister of glowing green ooze also fell into the sewer, and, unlike those lucky turtles, it was smashed on impact. Not knowing any better, the young reptiles crawled around in the strange goo. It turned out to be a happy mistake, for the ooze transformed them, making them larger, smarter, and capable of ninjutsu.

Not that they came by this amazing, and amazingly useful, skill set so easily. They had to learn it the hard way, over many years, from a rat who had also been transformed by the ooze while pulling the slime-covered turtles out of it. (Why exactly the rat did that, and how he managed to learn ninjutsu, are things still largely shrouded in mystery.)

The Turtles (becoming a mutant confers a Capital Letter) spent those early years living underground, hiding from humans who would shun and fear them. But, as they grew, and became competent to defend themselves, they began making forays to the surface world. There they did indeed make enemies, ranging from a rival ninja clan headed up by one of the aliens inextricably intertwined with the Turtles' own origins, to a street gang that's rapidly learning the value of Organization and Ambition, to a government agent bent on eliminating mutants and aliens from his planet.

It's exciting times to be a mutant ninja turtle.

History Part Two

It's been a busy couple of weeks. First, there was that plan to find out where Master Splinter disappeared to every three years, a plan that resulted in Leo getting near-fatally poisoned, Mike coming home with a new thing to gloat about, and Don being completely humiliated.

Then there was that whole part where the aliens showed up on Earth, looking for (in Raph's succinct words) "somebody who ain't even here 'cause they want an invention of his that don't even work". The wanted man then showed up exactly where he shouldn't have been, got himself captured, and ultimately sacrificed himself to save multiple worlds. But not before the aliens tried to use Donatello's brain as a rolodex, picking un-gently through his memories to find out what he knew about the fugitive.

After that, everyone was trying to get in on the clean-up action. Not because they hated littering and widespread destruction, but because they wanted to grab some of that awesome alien tech that was lying around all over the place. The Turtles themselves wound up getting involved in a few scraps over garbage. (Ha, ha.) They weren't even safe when they retired to Massachusetts for a weekend, because some people who were pretty irritated over having their planet invaded mistook the Turtles for aliens and, pretty understandably, tried to kill them.

Upon returning to New York, the Turtles had some misadventures in the financial district, involving a strange 'entity' that caused its prey to hallucinate their worst nightmares. Don saw one of his friends - the friend he was there to help - fall to her death, an experience he didn't enjoy much.

The Turtles then jetted over to Beijing, which was floating several miles above its normal location, thanks to an anti-gravity machine left behind by the invading aliens. After returning the city to its rightful place, the Turtles headed home, only to find themselves mixed up with an inept time-traveller-in-training, who accidentally zapped them all to the Middle Ages. They extricated themselves from that predicament, with the help of their new friend's teacher, and it was about at that point that Donatello thought things couldn't possibly get any weirder.

Their next adventure was a relatively normal one, only involving intrigue and in-fighting amongst several of the Turtles' mortal enemies, and it resulted in Donatello being allowed to bring home a freakin' awesome tricked-out train car.

Things were finally looking up. Donatello spent the following days happily making further upgrades and adjustments to his new toy. Inevitably, he fell asleep in it.

And woke up someplace completely different.

He was wrong.

When you're a mutant ninja turtle, things can always get weirder.


You can't talk about Donatello without talking about his brothers. They are family, playmates, allies, fellow students... pretty much they are everything to each other. That tends to happen, when you barely even have any acquaintances outside your immediate family. Their relationships are intense and complicated and co-dependent, and they're forced to be many things to each other, because nobody else is going to fill those roles.

The roles Don has taken upon himself include Handyman, Doctor, and Voice of Reason. If an object is broken, he fixes it. If a person is broken, he fixes them. When his brothers are engaged in a thermonuclear shouting match that's sure to end in death for one or more of them, it often takes only one insightful comment from the quiet brother to restore sanity, harmony, and a less apocalyptic setting on the Doomsday Clock.

They're critical roles, and sometimes Don wonders what would happen if he wasn't there to fill them. These musings are lent a degree of urgency by the fact that Don sometimes feels he isn't there.

He is the "loner" of the brothers. Raph always seems to think he has the loner thing all sewn up, but the truth is that, when Raph is alone, all he does is brood. And brooding makes him want to do things, and those things always involve other people, in one way or another.

Don just genuinely likes to be alone. His hobbies - tinkering, reading, researching on the Internet - are solitary activities, and he will cheerfully shut himself up in his lab all day in order to engage in them. It's not like he's ever far from his family - he trains with them in the morning, watches TV with them in the evening, goes out with them at night; and under normal circumstances they are never further than the other side of the Lair - but he always has the sneaking suspicion that a lot goes on between his brothers during the day, things that he is not part of, things they don't need him for.

Sometimes Don feels like he is just another tool, another invention, called forth when his brothers do need him for something, and then put away again with a "Thanks, Donnie, problem solved."

But then, on the other hand, he thrives on being a tool. It's hard work, gaining all of these skills that are so useful to his family, and it's not easy always being the level-headed one when tempers are running high. But he keeps working at it, and it all pays off when he's able to give something, to do something, to make life better for the people he loves.

Because, ultimately, Don doesn't want to be alone. He wants his friends and family to be just outside his bubble of personal space, where he can go to them, give them the gifts of his labor, and then retreat to his corner, carrying their smiles in his heart.


Ninja skills: Donatello has been trained from a young age in the arts of ninjutsu: stealth, balance, agility, and, of course, combat. He doesn't have much natural talent for most of these things, but fifteen years of near-daily lessons has more or less made up for any deficiencies of native ability. His weapons specialty is the bo staff.

High intelligence: Donatello is a smart guy. In just a few minutes of study, he can teach himself to hotwire alien vehicles, read foreign scripts, and deactivate plutonium bombs. He can fly a helicopter, is familiar with world literature, and possesses medical knowledge.

Technological genius: Donatello's special talent is in machinery. He can build complicated devices, both large and small, apparently out of garbage. (See, for example, the shell-cells, Shell-Sub, Shell-Cycle, and Battle Shell. Attending weakness: Apparent inability to name his creations with using the word 'shell'.)

Intense focus: Donatello is able to concentrate his attention fully on whatever he's working on. This means he can make full use of his intelligence to get things done correctly and efficiently. It also makes him extremely observant, when the target of his focus is the sort of thing that can be observed.

Patience: Donatello is a supremely patient person. If a project takes him months to finish, that's okay. When his brothers break the toaster for the third time in a week, he's usually able to smile good-naturedly and refrain from yelling at them. (Break it a fourth time, though, and feel his wrath.)

Moral compass: Donatello does the right thing, even if it's not the easiest or the best thing for himself. He will always do everything he can for a person in need. If he should happen to encounter, say, a horrible mutant cockroach with a human sticking out of it, his first instinct is to help it.

Accepting nature: Donatello has a chameleon-like way of being the right kind of friend to whoever he's with, without ever losing who he really is. In relation to his brothers, he is Leonardo's steady right hand, Michelangelo's playmate, Raphael's unjudgmental sounding-board. He manages to accept people, flaws and all, with endless good humor, and somehow this helps them to accept themselves.

Work ethic: Donatello is one heck of a hard worker. He works tirelessly on his own pet projects, but he'll also tackle less pleasant jobs without complaint. Cleaning up chambers best described as "a disaster", searching through dumpsters for useful items, saving the city from aliens that tend to explode into goo when defeated - Donatello is on it.

Resourcefulness: All of the Turtles know that a human's trash is their treasure, and make their living by scavenging through junkyards. But Donatello has a particular gift for transforming garbage into vehicles, security systems, communications devices, tracking equipment... pretty much all the things that raise his family's standard of living from "survival" to, well, actually living.


No battle spirit: Donatello is undoubtedly a competent warrior, and he won't hesitate to defend the things he holds dear, but he has no particular enthusiasm for the fight. This sometimes leads him to not train quite as hard as he should, or to treat enemies a little too gently. He's no pansy, though. If he hits you, you had better stay down. He always hits harder the second time.

Obliviousness: The price of intense focus is obliviousness. When he's working on something, or even just staring into space thinking about things he's going to work on, Donatello can become completely blind to everything else that's happening around him.

Paranoia: While Donatello is at bottom a friendly, sociable guy, he's slow to trust anyone outside his family. You would be too, if you were brought up being told that most people would cheerfully kill you on sight. Having recently had the misfortune to make several powerful, determined enemies, Donatello's generalized fear of people has coalesced into fear of certain insane scientists, government agents, and leaders of rival ninja clans.

Overactive brain: Donatello is thinking all the time. He can't turn it off. This tends to result in insomnia, frustration when prevented from engaging in intellectual activities, and difficulty explaining his thoughts to people who don't share his affliction.

Identity crisis: Donatello is consumed by questions of identity. Who is he? What is his purpose in life? Why did this bizarre accident happen to him and not to someone else? He will go to great lengths to find the answers to these questions - and if the answers are not what he was hoping for, it will hurt him deeply.

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